The Bachelor Psychology Study Program is a Strata 1 level (accredited A) in the area of psychological sciences that aims to produce graduates who have moral integrity, respect human dignity professionally and responsibly, qualified in understanding concepts and theories of psychology universally and nationally (Indonesia), have spirit to work using the principles of scientific and practical thoughts in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian Psychological Code of Ethics, have the ability to solve psychological problems possessed by individuals, groups, organizations, communities without differentiating genders, ethnicities, religions, races, ages, and social status of economy culture. We provide a curriculum with Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is set uses capstone course design. The purpose of learning with the capstone course design is that the achievement of graduate’s competencies can be measured.


The Undergraduate Psychology Program is a bachelor’s degree program with ‘Excellent’ accreditation. It is designed for students with a strong passion for understanding human behaviors and the psychological functions behind them through a biopsychosocial approach. This program teaches concepts and comprehensive psychology theories to build scientific and practical thinking for students. Hence, they can solve psychological problems based on the code of conduct at individual, group, organization, and community levels. The program can be completed in four years, with a Bachelor of Psychology (S.Psi) degree.


Are you interested in majoring in psychology at Padjadjaran University (UNPAD)? Test development, research, counselling, training, management, writing, social media, and military are a few fields that becomes the career of many UNPAD Faculty of Psychology alumni.

Find out about the diverse career trajectories of Psychology graduates.



“In Unpad Psychology, I not only received knowledge related to psychology, but also the scientific framework of thinking and work culture such as thoroughness, hard work, resilience, and commitment to completing all responsibilities properly. These things really helped me in my work I am currently in the consulting industry, which demands critical thinking, analytical, and high resilience skills, in my opinion, the positive things I got in the lecture were also due to the quality of Unpad Psychology lecturers, who not only taught in class, but also values outside the classroom that are useful for future student life.”

Muh. Zulfajri Shadiq Taswin

Associate Consultant, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young Indonesia

“God carried out to study at Unpad Faculty of Sciences was one of the most important episodes in my life that I was grateful for in my business trip, I had 3 keys to success: 1) Knowing myself and my potential, in the analysis of my personality and personality course, I went into a lot of myself and finally made peace with myself with all its shortcomings and maximized the potential given to me in running a business. 2) Recognizing the potential of others and uniting the potentials of many people different things to be an optimal synergy.This I learned by applying almost all the psychological theories that I learned. 3) Doing everything with ethics, planning and systematization. Including psychodiagnosic courses and ethics in psychology, inspired me to always be promoting ethics and doing a good procedure for working with everything.”

Mohammad Hamid Muktashim

CEO Ocean Fresh Indonesia
“Studying in Unpad Psychology is the most exciting and challenging period. Thank God the lecturers and all staff are very supportive. Until now, studying in unpad psychology is still beneficial. Starting from inspiring and equipping me to establish a new moms community and become a lecturer at bid for education and development.”

Nanan Nuraini

Lecturer, Education & Care Community Activists , Founder of @ceritaibudananakid Community
“Studying in unpad psychology is a stepping stone for me to enter the wider world and step into areas that cannot be entered by just anyone, such as working in the presidential palace environment, as well as socializing and learning directly in the area of international military education.”

Anjani Fitria

Defense Attache, International Cooperation Sub Directorate, Indonesian Ministry of Defense
“In Unpad Psychology I learned to explore myself as widely as possible. In addition to academics, I explore my non-academic interests, especially in the field of sports, namely Futsal. Because of this opportunity, I can now bring together my two interests: Psychology and Sports.”

Dara Putri Ghassani

Sport Psychology Junior Expert of Pocari Sweat Sport Science
“Kuliah di Psikologi unpad merupakan batu loncatan bagi sy utk memasuki dunia yg lebih luas dan melangkah memasuki area yg tidak bisa dimasuki oleh sembarang orang, seperti bekerja di lingkungan istana, serta bergaul & belajar langsung di area pendidikan militer internasional.”

Anjani Fitria

Atase Pertahanan, Subdit Kerja Sama Internasional, Kementerian Pertahanan RI


We implement academic quality assurance system and internal quality assurance evaluation according to university quality assurance system, we also coordinate the quality assurance process in all work units, including the development and implementation of quality standards and internal audits.


Studying at the Faculty of Psychology Unpad is an unforgettable experience. Starting from the atmosphere of learning on campus that is very supportive, both from the lecturers and between students. This supportive learning atmosphere is evidenced by the friendliness of lecturers to receive questions and guide their students warmly but still professionally.



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